frequently asked questions


Earliest time for departure?

Earliest time for take-off is 0700, however timing is subject to passengers destinations and may change. Should you wish to book a specific departure time, the plane will then have to be chartered and not booked on a seat rate. We urge clients on seat rate bookings to reserve a night on either side of their safari to avoid disappointment in delays.

Our team will contact you or your agent at least 48 - 24 hours prior to departure. However a seat rate means there is no guarantee of fixed timings, as we have to accommodate all passengers. Should the flight time change we will notify you immediately.


What happens if the plane cannot take off due to technical difficulty?

If the plane is grounded we will make alternative arrangements to get you to your destination.


What happens if CATS flight is delayed and client misses connecting international flight?

CATS will not take responsibility for any travel arrangements beyond our flights. We encourage our passengers to take out travel insurance to make provisions for this.


How does travel insurance work with CATS?

Should you miss your flight due to bad weather or technical difficulty on our part, CATS will give you a certified letter that is recognized by the insurance company so that client can make a claim